Ombre eyeliner tattoo

Ombre eyeliner tattoo is a technique suitable for almost everyone. Such permanent makeup can make the look expressive, bring the eye shape closer to the trendy almond-shaped one, emphasise the advantages, and hide the flaws. The main thing is to choose a competent specialist.

Permanent Eyeliner


The first thing you may encounter when choosing a master is the offer of eyelid tattooing services. This often means spraying black dots ("pixels") on the eyelids with organic pigments designed for tattooing. A fresh version of a newly executed arrow can look beautiful, like light dust. The works' authors assure that this dust will become a smooth haze after healing. But this is not the case in 99% of cases, confirming the lack of photos of healed works from such masters. Liquid ultra-resistant tattoo pigments in the healing of eye tattooing with extensions often either remain dots, similar to clogged pores or spread into flaws, which is even worse.

The black pigment starts to look blue after healing within the skin due to light refraction. It's half a blessing if it is only about intercostal tattooing. But such blue arrows on the eyes - a dubious decoration for any face.

Beautiful spreading on the eyelids happens - light, like a natural shadow. To obtain such a visual effect is very important:

  • Honed skills of a specialist in permanent eyelid makeup.
  • Special techniques of shadow growing, which are different from the powder spraying of eyebrows, take into account the peculiarities of the skin of the eyelids.
  • Professional pigments specially created for shadow effects on eyelids.

Who is suitable for tattooing with a spreading effect

The procedure helps to hide certain congenital or acquired defects. Correction is amenable to such problems as:

  • asymmetry;
  • "sad" look (downcast corners);
  • too convex pupils;
  • narrow incision;
  • recessed fit;
  • scars, small scars, consequences of surgery or plastic intervention.

Suppose the upper eyelids are naturally too heavy and overhanging over the eyes, or the skin is covered with a mesh of wrinkles and lost elasticity due to natural age changes. In that case, it is usually tough to make a prominent arrow. This is where the blending technique comes to the rescue. It softens the transition from colour to skin tone, opens the look and camouflages the primary signs of ageing.

Features Ombre eyeliner tattoo

Clean, light, semi-transparent, weightless shadow in the corners of the eyes - that's how you can characterise the permanent makeup of arrows with extensions in the author's ombre technique. Even the most picky sceptic will not realise that you have permanent makeup on your eyes. But everyone, without exception, will notice the mesmerising beauty of your look and the elegance of the image.

Ombre conveys the whole complex range of transparent colour transitions. This technique combines line and colour; it can be drawn and worked with shading, creating saturated colours or a very faint tone. It all depends on what result the client wants to see.

The best permanent eyeliner tattoo of arrows with a growing ombre technique is several colour layers, translucent one through the other.

Such permanent will delicately emphasise the eye colour, suitable for women of different ages.

How to find the right shade

Ideally, you should stick to naturalness and prefer tones that do not contrast too much with the colour type of your face. Excessively flashy elements, relevant for festive or thematic makeup, do not fit into everyday life and quickly become boring, and it is impossible to get rid of them quickly.

A soft, calm range emphasises the natural beauty. It becomes an excellent basis for creating an attractive image, appropriate during the day at work or study and at night - at a cocktail or club party.

You can choose a tonal palette on your own, but it is better to entrust this responsible moment to a master. Thanks to extensive practical experience and constant work with pigments, he will quickly find the most successful variant, harmonising with the client's eyes, hair and general style.

Before the procedure, the shades should be tried to see how everything will turn out. This allows you to make timely corrections or amendments to the makeup sketch.


Permanent eyeliner tattoo with an eyeliner is prohibited when taking anticoagulants, antibiotics, immunostimulants, immunomodulators, retinoids, and photosensitising drugs. Their intake should be abandoned one week in advance.

Ensure there are no dermatological diseases or any active manifestations of infection around the eyes.

Do not take alcohol a day before the procedure; do not drink coffee for 4 hours.

If you wear false eyelashes, they must be removed in advance because they prevent the quality of introducing dye pigment between the hair follicles. Without this, the result will be of poor quality.

The pigmentation process can last up to 2 hours; the duration depends on the complexity of the work. For maximum comfort, a topical cream-like anaesthetic is used.

The first time after the procedure, the colour may look too bright, and the skin may retain swelling. This is a normal reaction that will pass on its own.

To avoid infection, washing your face with water for a few days is forbidden. Within a week, a thin crust will begin to peel off. It is essential not to try to remove it yourself. This is important to protect against infection, as well as to preserve the pigment inside the skin. Until the crust has completely peeled off, refrain from applying decorative cosmetics and any actions that may damage the crust (steaming, bathing, active sports).

The final result of the first treatment can be evaluated after a month when the skin has fully recovered.


Make sure you don't have any contraindications before you go for permanent makeup:

Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

  • Poor blood clotting
  • Predisposition to keloids
  • Acute respiratory infections, high body temperature
  • Diabetes
  • Oncological diseases
  • Herpes exacerbation
  • Hepatitis
  • AIDS
  • Pregnancy, lactation
  • Epilepsy, mental disorders
  • Elevated BP

Temporary contraindications are:

  • Taking anticoagulants, antibiotics, immunostimulants, immunomodulators, retinoids, and photosensitising drugs.
  • The height of the course of herpetic infection
  • Menstruation period
  • Alcohol intake

It is worth going for a correction

A touch-up appointment is a mandatory step, not an additional service. It is carried out 30-45 days after surgery when the skin is completely healed and there are no traces of intervention or inflammation. During the session, the master performs the following actions:

  • perfects the shape of the drawing;
  • corrects errors that became visible after the final recovery of the skin;
  • supplements the intensity and colour saturation, partially lost during rehabilitation.

The work takes less time than the initial filling of the skin with a colouring agent. At the end of the session, the contour lines acquire the necessary clarity, and the area of spreading becomes even softer and smokier. The makeup is finally fixed and achieves the essential firmness and shade saturation. Its service life is significantly increased after that.

One correction is enough for young girls. For ladies 30+ who have already encountered signs of primary fading, in case of detection of any shortcomings a month after correction, it is desirable to revisit the master and correct what could not be done in the previous time.

Further, the need for renewal is determined purely individually. Depending on the body's peculiarities, adjusting the pattern's saturation and clarity will be required no more often than once every 1.5-2 years.

The recovery period after the sessions lasts as long as the rehabilitation after applying colourants to the eyelids.