Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

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Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

While a tattoo may appear as a simple design on the surface, it is composed of ink deposits situated deep within the skin, intended to be permanent. Early techniques for laser tattoo removal were often associated with a high likelihood of scarring, painful experiences, and limited effectiveness. The advent of Q-switched lasers significantly enhanced the procedure, enabling our physicians at our Clinic to remove most tattoos with a high degree of success and minimal risk of scarring. The Q-Switched Nd: YAG lasers, utilizing PhotoAcoustic energy, are considered the gold standard in tattoo removal, with a proven track record of effectiveness globally.

How does laser tattoo removal function?

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne operates by directing a particular wavelength of light energy at the tattoo, with each ink colour requiring a separate wavelength. The widely used Q-Switched lasers employ PhotoAcoustic energy to penetrate the skin gently and target the tattoo ink. The light energy delicately vibrates and fragments the tattoo ink into micro-particles, gradually expelling through the body's natural mechanisms. The precise 'beam' of the laser tattoo removal treatment allows physicians to follow the design without harming the surrounding skin.

Recent advancements in laser tattoo removal involve using lasers to initially create micro ventilation holes in the skin to let gas particles from traditional laser tattoo treatments escape before employing a Q-switch laser to break down the ink pigment. Another development is the introduction of pico-second lasers, which have significantly higher peak power and shorter pulse duration (billionth of a second), leading to the fragmentation of ink into even smaller particles, thus accelerating and enhancing the efficiency of lymphatic removal from the skin.

  • Fotona Fractal Accelerated Tattoo Removal Treatment:

The Fotona Starwalker Laser features a revolutionary proprietary tattoo treatment system, which, in combination with Multi-spike pico-second Q-switched Nd-YAG technology, allows for a faster reduction in tattoos with better results than using the Q-switched Nd-YAG alone. The innovative FracTat™ treatment creates micro-size holes in the skin over the tattoo area before the main laser procedure. This pre-treatment "priming" pass enables steam, gases, and ink particles to escape more quickly through the skin during the subsequent full-beam Q-switched pass, thus avoiding the 'frosting' effect. This allows for a very short waiting time between multiple passes, potentially halving the typical number of treatment sessions.

  • Revlite Q-Switch NdYag Laser Treatment:

Tattoo Removal Melbourne

This time-tested gold standard Q-Switch NdYag nano-second laser shatters the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which are then removed by the body's lymphatic processes. Nano-second lasers are best used for initial laser tattoo removal Melbourne sessions as they break down more considerable ink "boulders" into smaller "stones". Subsequent treatments with Fotona Fractat and its pico-second Q-Switch laser then efficiently shatter the "stones" into "sand" particles, allowing for quicker and more efficient removal by your lymphatic processes.