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Permanent makeup is a popular service in the cosmetology market. It is permanent, long-term makeup, which the master can do on any part of the face at the client's request, for example, to embellish the eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne

It is a tattoo on the face performed by a cosmetologist. The colouring pigment is injected under the skin with a special apparatus to a minimum depth of less than 1 mm. Depending on the technique, the permanent will last several months or years.

Successfully made makeup tattoo can significantly save time for every girl to collect in the morning.

Features of cosmetic tattooing

This is a microsurgery on the face, so those with sensitive skin and a low pain threshold should consider anaesthesia.
It will make the eyes more expressive, lips more voluminous, and add a delicate pink blush to the cheeks and eyebrows - a natural curve and volume in place of missing hairs.

This is a long-lasting makeup that is not afraid of precipitation, shower, or sauna. A girl will feel confident in any place and time, as her makeup is always perfect.

Each girl is individual, so the pigment is absorbed into the skin at different speeds and intensities. Because of this, some may need correction. It is usually done within one to three months after the procedure.

Cosmetic eye tattooing is an excellent way to save time in the morning. It comes in three types: eyebrows, eyelid and eyelid contour makeup.

Cosmetic tattooing treatments

1) Eyebrow tattoo

Allows you to simulate natural eyebrows. There are two types: tinting and imitation hairs. The second kind gives a more natural result. Visually increases the volume of the eyebrows.

2) Permanent Eyeliner tattoos

Possible options include an intercostal stroke, an arrow, or an imitation of full makeup with a blended shadow. The inner lash line makes the eyes more expressive; thanks to the thinnest needles, it is invisible.

If you are a fan of arrows, you can imitate them. This procedure saves you a lot of time in the morning, and your eyelashes will look more voluminous.
Masters rarely imitate blended shadows, as bright clouds quickly bore clients.

3) Cosmetic lip tattoo

.There are two kinds: lip contouring and lip toning.

  • Lip contouring gives the lips a clear line, visually making the face look younger.
  • Lip toning - permanent makeup on the entire surface of the lips, in the shade that the client wishes. This procedure visually increases the volume of the lips and requires less correction in the future.

Technique of tattooing

The first step before the procedure is consulting a cosmetic tattoo Melbourne artist. He will make an allergy test, discuss the method and place of application, and then make a sketch of the future permanent.

How is tattooing done?

When everything is agreed upon, the master proceeds directly to the procedure, and a skinny needle injects pigment under the skin to a depth of no more than one millimetre. Usually, the process is painless, but for those with sensitive skin, they offer anaesthesia. The pigment is applied in 2 layers. The cosmetic tattoo Melbourne treatment procedure time is about 3 hours.

After a month, you need to correct it to get a perfect result.

Benefits of makeup tattoo

  • Permanent makeup reduces the time to get ready in the morning by 30%;
  • For more mature skin, it has a lifting effect, tightens the area around the application, and the face becomes more contoured;
  • Lips look more voluminous, eyes expressive, and eyebrows look defined and natural.
  • The makeup application time in the morning and wash off in the evening is reduced.
  • For a modern girl, a quality cosmetic tattoo can make her life easier when every minute counts and the leading resource is time.

Contraindications to permanent makeup

Since permanent makeup tattoos introduce pigment under the skin, microsurgery has contraindications. Before doing it, it is necessary to consult with a cosmetologist.


  • Hypertension, high blood pressure;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Allergic reaction to pigment;
  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • Diabetes mellitus.

Care after cosmetic tattooing

The recovery period takes approximately three days to several weeks. After the procedure, a crust will form on the area as the skin wants to recover as soon as possible. The crusts usually come off in a week or two. During this period, it is essential to follow all the conditions of care after permanent makeup because subsequent care depends on the persistence and clarity of permanent makeup.

Recommendations for aftercare

  • The crusts should not be peeled off; as they heal, they will come off on their own;
  • 2-3 times a day, apply a healing cream or ointment to the skin, blot excess with a paper napkin without pressure;
  • In case of a permanent eyebrow or lip makeup, use Chlorhexidine solution for rinsing;
  • In the case of eyelid permanent makeup, the eyes should be treated with a special ointment;
  • On the lips, anti-herpes medication should be used to prevent infection;
  • Avoid getting dirt and germs on the affected areas;
  • Avoid overheating of the affected areas.

Cosmetic tattoo removal

To remove cosmetic tattooists, it is necessary to contact a specialist to avoid unpleasant consequences. Then, it will be possible to draw in three ways:

  • Remover. This is a special liquid that dissolves the dye in the layers of the skin. It is administered by injection and can cause cosmetic burns.
  • Laser. The most commonly used method. Several procedures will be required to altogether remove the pigment.
  • Overlapping. This method overlaps failed cosmetic tattooing with white or flesh-coloured ink. This is only a temporary measure, as the dark pigment begins to show through over time.

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